Custom Swimwear for Men

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Custom Swimwear for Men

Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings, Micro Shorts, Pouch Only Swimsuits, Men's Tights, Spandex Fun wear and so much more!

There are so many styles of men's swimwear and that is without taking into account custom swimwear for men. If this is your first venture into custom swimwear for men I believe I can be very helpful to your search. I have had about fifty custom swimsuits made in the past years because I could never find exactly what I wanted. I love micro sized swimsuits and I have enjoyed wearing them for many years. Like many of you I started shopping for spandex Speedos and than onto bikinis and others styles because I was tired of wearing baggy shorts. There is nothing sexy about wearing baggy shorts and truth be told I was jealous of the types of swimwear the girls were wearing and how much fun they had wearing them. The first time I tried on a Speedo I was sold. The Speedo felt so hot on my body, looking back there was little doubt that I had a real spandex fetish (something I think is wonderful), my other feeling was one of being too shy to be seen in public wearing one. Switching from surf shorts to Speedos almost felt like going to the beach or hanging out around the pool nude. That is almost comical to me now since the swimsuits I enjoy wearing are every bit as micro as the littlest suits you see the ladies wearing on the beach. Swimsuits that barely cover a thing!

Custom Swimwear for men

There are so many men’s swimwear designs to enjoy one you make the switch away from surf shorts, board shorts and even Speedos. There are bikinis in every shape and style including tiny Brazilian bikinis, wonderful super sexy semi and fully sheer bikini swimsuits, string bikinis that are virtually identical to what the girls wear but with room for your penis. There a micro and ultra micro bikinis that just barely cover a thing and the wearer needs to be completely hairless. Shaved, waxed or laser hair removal are the best choices. Walk into any gym in any major city and take a look at the younger guys say the ones under 35 and you will noticed a high percentage of them are already going completely hairless, just like all the men changing to hot swimwear designs it seems going hairless is becoming and engrained trend. I’m extremely happy with that since the swimsuits I wear are so small I need to be completely hairless or as my girlfriends says just like her.

Justifying the Cost of Custom Swimwear for Men

Buying custom swimwear for men is one of those things that most guys would love to be able to do but everyone thinks is too expensive to acquire. The truth is that anyone can buy custom swimwear that is specifically made for them and no one else without having to break the bank in the process. After all this is only swimwear and not a designer suit that could cost thousands of dollars. You can find numerous designers online that will work with you in order to create the perfect swimwear and help you in determining the perfect size. Some of them will even have you come in to their shop to tailor a design to your body. All you have to do is realize that the amount of quality that goes into making custom swimwear for men is more than worth the amount money you would be spending in order to buy two or three regular swimsuits every year. That should justify taking a chance and buying something that fits your body perfectly.

Yes, Custom Swimwear for Men Do Exist

Ten years ago, I never would have thought that I would be wearing custom swimwear for men. I did not even know that things like this existed. Actually, if anyone had told me about it then; I would probably have laughed at them. Why would anyone need custom designed swimwear unless they were so big they could not find any that would fit in the store? That story has changed, though, as I am currently wearing custom swimwear right now as I write this. I spend a few hours every month going around online looking for the best designs I can find, and then, I call up my personal designer and have him match those designs but with my specifications. I might have to pay a little bit more than everyone else, but I get something that no one else is wearing at that time. Sometimes you have to pay a bit more in order to be the one guy who gets all the attention on the beach. Believe me, it is worth it!

Above are links to some of my favorite spandex websites. I buy suits and more from all three.

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Beyond custom men's swimwear. Styles so extreme they will take your breath away!